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Integrated Bus Terminal

A project to improve the bus terminal system in Oroquieta City is now being initiated by mandate through the Local City Government. The proposed construction of an Integrated Passenger Bus Terminal at Canubay near the fish port has started last week. This project is implemented into several phases. However, only the first two phases are being implemented thus far because of the availability of funds. Each of the first two phases is expected to cost two million pesos. The first phase involves the construction of the foundation, bus run ways, and other structures as far as the funding can afford.

Aerial View of Intergrated Passenger Bus Terminal - Oroquieta City

The second phase will primarily involve the construction of the Terminal Building. The present land area is limited to only one half hectare in which the size is very inadequate for an integrated bus terminal. For that reason, an expansion will be undertaken at the reclamation area’s north side which would expand the total terminal area up to one hectare. Part of the following phases will be for the reclamation expansion. The construction of this project is expected to take more than one year to complete with expected cost of 60 million pesos. A big portion of the budget will be used for the reclamation expansion and in the widening of the whole terminal area.

Looking at the aerial view of Oroquieta City’s bay front, the rectangular space near the Canubay Wharf or fishport is where the construction of the Integrated Passenger Bus Terminal is taking place. The desert-like space on the upper side of the wharf is the Coral Reef of the Canubay-Mobod area where the Fish Sanctuary is located.

By: Dr. Emerico L. Conol


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