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Mode of Transit

The bus system in and around Oroquieta City are not as extensive as the bus sytem in other big cities in the Philippines. However, its availability and affordability as a mode of transit has certainly improved the overall lifestyle and industry in the whole Province of Misamis Occidental. People around the province now have the ability to choose which type of transportation they want to use.

Rural Transit - Oroquieta City Transportation

The Super5s are considered the Express or "first class" long-distance passenger carriers that have designated STOP stations along the way. Super5s are white large air-conditioned buses that provide great comfort and convenience at fixed routes and very affordable fares. With fixed routes Super5 buses do not pick-up passengers along the road. Although Oroquieta is not the designated final destination, the Super 5s have a STOP station in Canubay. Canubay is located near the Oroquieta's old wharf which is now used as a fishing port. They stop there for approximately 15 minutes to drop off or pick up passengers. Their first route through Oroquieta is early in the morning with simultaneous hourly scheduled trips.

Armak Jeepneys

Other modes of transit are the Rural Transit buses, Armak Jeepneys, MultiCabs, Air-conditioned Passenger Vans, and the motorized Tricycles. Rural Transit buses travel mostly to other towns of Misamis Occidental and its neighboring towns and their scheduled trips are daily, including holidays. Next to that is the Armak Jeepneys that are very famous among people who live in remote towns and Barangays. Armaks are Jeepney-type of body chasis which are also known as the revamped World War II surplus U.S. Army jeeps. Armak Jeepneys are usually lavisly decorated with intricate and colorful painting, flags, tassles, mirrors and ornaments. They are considered a "unique example of Filipino folk art."

MultiCab - Local Routes

Armak and MultiCabs are comparable to a local taxi which travel only to neighboring towns within less than 100 mile radius. They have daily routes in and out of Oroquieta City and they pick up passengers along the road. The Airconditioned Vans also have designated STOP stations, therefore, they do not pick up passengers along the road. Motorized Tricycles with side-passenger cabs are the most easy and convenient means of transport to very local and remote routes of Oroquieta City where roads and passages are inaccessible by large structured transport system. All in all.... the transport system in, around and through Oroquieta City is convenient and has affordable fares. All of them use signboards that are displayed on the front windshield indicating its destination and major stops.

Air-conditioned Van

With respect to the safety of travel, the drivers are very careful and caring about their passengers' welfare. However, some of them have been of concern to most people. There have been instances that they carry more passengers than they can accommodate making them unsafe for travel. Some people also claimed that such instances are predicated by persistent passengers who still want to ride even though they see that the vehicle is already full. Fearing that they may not be home or arrive to their destinations on time, they insist on riding on an already "overloaded" vehicle.

My main concern about the transport system in the Philippines is that traffic laws are constantly ignored. Many drivers refuse to follow the speed limits, thus posing their passengers to danger. Given the fact that the roads of Misamis Occidental and the routes to Dipolog and Cagayan de Oro City are winding, traveling at high rate of speed makes you "cling" to your dear life. The best thing that you can do is talk to the drivers first and inform them that so long as they obey the traffic rules and speed limit, you can assure them of your business and remain their valued passenger/customer. If the drivers don't obey your request, you can make them stop and you should get off the vehicle and find another means of transport. Another important option that we can make is to urge the local officials to lobby the National Government on imposing strict traffic and safety rules.

Motorized Tricycles - at Market Parking Center   Tricycle on the Move

Ging Mutia


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