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1941 Battle

Source: The Defenders 40th (Ruby) Anniversaries

26 July
  • The United States Army Forces in the Far East (USAFFE) was created, and Gen. Douglas MacArthur 057 was recalled from retirement as its Commanding General.
31 July
  • Strength of the USAFFE at this time, which included the Philippine Department under Maj. Gen. George Grunert 01534, Philippine Division under Maj. Gen. Jonathan M. Wainwright 02131, Phil. Department of Air Corps under Brig. Gen. Henry B. Clagget 02153, Harbor Defense under Brig. Gen. George F. Moore 02627, and other support forces, numbered 1,478 officers and 21,098 enlisted men, or a total of 22,536 troops.
10 Aug
  • then Phil. Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon issued a proclamation publishing the Order of then U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt calling to duty with the USAFFE the Philippine Military Forces, then comprised of the Philippine Army under Maj. Gen. Basilio J. Valdes 0-1001, and the Philippine Constabulary under Brig. Gen. Guillermo B. Francisco 0-1002.
15 Aug
  • The Philippine Army Air Corps of 141 pilots, 17 ground officers, 1,200 enlisted men, 64 planes, headed by then Maj. Basilio Fernando 0-1118, were personally inducted into the USAFFE by Gen. MacArthur. Among the PA Air Corps officers inducted were then Maj. Pelagio A. Cruz 0-1459, who later became Lt. Gen. and Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, then Maj. Jose Francisco 0-1339, who later transferred to, and became Commodore and Flag Officer in Command of the Philippine Navy.
28 Aug
  • One Infantry Regiment and key officers and enlisted personnel of the other units of each of the 10 Philippine Army Reserve Divisions reported to their respective mobilization centers for training. The Philippine Army reserves being called to active duty were expected to number 75,000 by 01 Dec 1941; 100,000 by 01 Jan 1942; and 200,000 by 01 april 1942.
29 Aug
  • PA senior officers headed by then Brig. Gen. vicente Lim 0-1003 (03722 US), Colonels Luther R. Stevens 0-1004, Guy O. Fort 0-1005, Mateo Capinpin 0-1007 (06377 US), Fidel V. Segundo 0-1008 (08601 US), Salvador F. Reyes 0-1009 (08614 US), Juan C. Quimbo 0-1011, Eustaquio Baclig 0-1013 (012186 US), Pastor Martelino 0-1014 (012670 US), Telesforo Martinez 0-1017, and other PA officers reported at the Command and General Staff School in Baguio which was conducted by then Col. Clifford Bluemel (02642) as Commandant, assisted by colonels Clyde A. Selleck (02841), William E. Brougher (03183), and Albert M. Jones (03186). The PA officers were later designated Division Commanders or members of the General Staff.
01 Sept
  • PA officers and enlisted personnel of the first regiments of the 10 Reserve PA Divisions and other "keymen" who reported for duty starting 28 Aug were inducted into the USAFFE in their respective mobilization centers in the ten military districts.
  • Training Schools were activated for:
    • Field Artillery at Camp Dau, Ft. Stotsenberg under then LCL. Ralph Hirsh (07566), and among those who attended were then Captains Alfonso Arrelano 0-1340, and Jesus M. Vargas 0-1376, both of whom later became Lt. Generals and Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
    • Coast Artillery at Ft. Wint under LCL Napoleon Boudreau (05934)
    • Engineer School at Ft. William McKinley
    • Flying Schools at Camp Murphy, Maniquis, Batangas, and Lahug.
    • Medical School at Ft. William McKinley under Maj. Joseph U. Weaver (18941)
    • Another medical school at Camp Murphy under Maj. Jack W. Schwartz (017829)
    • Signal School at Ft. William McKinley under Capt. Lassiter A. Mason (019060)
    • Quartermaster & Motor Transport at Port Area, Manila under Maj. Michael A. Quinn (010862)
    • Infantry, etc., at respective mobilization and training centers
  • Gunboat Squadron with 6 torpedo Boats under Cmdr L. J. Hudson arrived
  • Initial reinforcements that left USA bet 27 Aug 05 to Sept which started to arrive were:
  • 200th CAC Regt under Col. Charles W. Sage (04157) with 76 officers, 1,681 enlisted emmbers, 12-3" and 24-37mm guns, 26-50 cal machine guns, and 60" searchlights.
  • Tank Group under Col. James RN Weaver (03100) comprising of
    • 192nd Tank Bn with 36 officers and 588 enlisted members and 54 M-3 tanks
    • 194th Tank Bn with 31 officers and 510 enlisted members and 54 M-3 tanks
    • 17th Ordnance Co with 5 officers and 150 enlisted members
01 Oct
  • Gen MacArthur objects to War Dept Plan "Rainbow" which was resigned to the immediate loss of the Philippines, but which he believed, can be defended successfully if given the proper military hardware and logistics for the training of a total of 200,000 troops expected to be mobilized by April 1942.
02 Oct
  • Personnel of second regiments of PA reserve divisions reported for duty at respective mobilization centers.
14 Oct
  • Fifty 75mm self-propelled mount (SPM) guns arrived, of which were issued to the 11th Provisional Artillery Brigade and distributed; Twenty-four 155 mm guns and two 155 mm howitzers on wooden wheels and without control instruments arrived and were issued to 301st FA (PA) under Col. alexander Quintard (05561).
21 Oct
  • Pres. Quezon approved Gen. MacArthur's request for government expropriation of land needed for Clark Field expansion where purchase negotiations were difficult.
03 Nov
  • Maj. Gen. Lewis H. Brereton (03132) arrived to assume command of the Far East Air force (formerly the Philippine Department Air Corps) relieving Brig. Gen. Henry B. Clagget (02153), who became Commanding General of the V-Interceptor Group.
04 Nov
  • Activated were: North Luzon force under Brig. Gen. Edward P. King (02442); South Luzon Force under Brig. Gen. George M. Parker (02783); and Visayan-Mindanao Force under Col. William F. Sharp (02183). Arrived from USA were:
    • 19th Bombardment Group with 35 B-17s under Maj. John P. Woodbridge (016478)
    • 24th Pursuit Group with P-40s under Maj. Orrin L. Grover (016831).
08 Nov
  • Eight large submarines arrived.
10 Nov
  • Pres. Manuel L. Quezon and Vice Pres. Sergio Osmena reelected.
14-18 Nov
  • Headquarters of ten Philippine Army Reserve Divisions organized with arrival of respective Division Commanders and staff members from Command and Staff School in Baguio.
15 Nov
  • Use of volcanic cinders was introduced in surfacing the lengthened runway of the Malabang Airfield in Mindanao.
    • Japanese Forces began to gather in Taiwan
16 Nov
  • 28th bombardment Squadron with B-17s under Maj. William P. fisher (020461) arrived.
24 Nov
  • Four more large submarines arrived
27 Nov
  • US Pacific and Far East Naval Commanders warned of Japanese Naval movements.
    • 4th Marine Regiment with 16-0fficers, 2 Warrant Officers, 690 Enlisted Members under Col. Samuel L. Howard arrived aboard "Pre. madison" from China.
    • Lt. Gen. Masaharu Homma issues final orders to units of Japanese Fourteenth Army
    • US Commanders in Hawaii and the Philippines issue "alert orders."
28 Nov
  • "Pres. Harrison" going to Chinwangtao for remaining 16 Officers and 178 Enlisted Members detachment of 4th Marines, captured by Japanese.
    • Maj. Gen. Wainwright turns over Philippine Division to Brig. Gen. Maxon S. Lough (03165), to take over North Luzon Force fromBrig. Gen. Edward P. King (02442), who was reassigned Artillery Officer of the USAFFE.
30 Nov
  • US Army troops in the Philippines reached a total of 31,095 including 12,000 Philippine Scouts.
05 Dec
  • British Far East Commander Admiral Sir Tom Phillips arrived to confer with then US High commissioner Francis B. Sayre, Gen. MacArthur and Adm. thomas C. Hart of the US Asiatic Fleet on Defense Plans for the Far East.
06 Dec
  • North Luzon Force ordered to ready beach defenses.
07 Dec (06 Dec in US)
  • $269,000,000 million to build up Philippine defense facilities, in process of favorable consideration by US Congress.
08 Dec (07 in US)
  • Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor at Hawaii at 3:30 AM; Clark Field, at Camp John Hay and Iba at 11:30 AM. State of War with Japan declared by Pres. Roosevelt.
    • War came to the Philippines where the USAFFE had about 30,000 US and Philippine Scout troops, and about 40,000 PA troops under training - all under seven US Army Generals and three Philippine Army Generals. At the height of the defense, the USAFFE troops (including the Philippine Army) numbered about 140,000 - 150,000.
10 Dec
  • Japanese landed at Aparri and Gonzaga, Cagayan Province, inital resistance offered by the PC Company under Capt. Ali Al-Raschid 0-1444, reinforced by Company "L" of the 11th Infantry under 2LT Alvin C. Hadley.
    • Japanese landing at vigan resisted by Ilocos PC company under Maj. Sergio Laurente (0-1205); 2LT Juan Basa became the 1st Filipino officer to be killed in action during WW II; Maj. Laurente, the first Filipino to be taken prisoner of War (POW).
    • Nichols, Nielson, and Zambales Airfields, Camp Murphy, Port Area and Sangley bombed. >LI>Far East Air Force HQ under Maj. Gen. Lewis H. Brereton (03132) evacuated 19th Bombt Group(H), 27th Bombt Group(L), and group of fighter pilots, to Mindanao.
11 Dec
  • Germany and Italy declared war on the United States.
12 Dec
  • Japanese landings at Legaspi and Davao; Ft. Wint and Olongapo bombed - first Japanese plane shot down by 60th CAC's Battery "C"; Pres. quezon alerted by Gen. MacArthur of impending evacuation to Corregidor.
13 Dec
  • FEAF sent Bombt Group to attack Japanese landing force at Legaspi; one transport sank. Japanese, German and Italian nationals rounded up by PC and interned at Los Banos concentration camp under Maj. Edward C. Mack (016213).
14 Dec
  • 31st Divion (PA) and 45th Infantry's 3BN (Philippine Army) removed from NLF and placed directly under USAFFE.
15 Dec
  • Mobilization of remaining Philippine Reserve units
    • Ft. Wint and Port Area bombed
16 Dec
  • Kanno Detachment probed South as far as Tagudin, Ilocos Sur; Japanese troops in buses ambused by patrol of 11th Division.
17 Dec
  • "SS Corregifor" carryign artillery pieces, ammunition, equipment and supplies for 101st Field Artillery and other Visayas-Mindanao units, hit a mine and sank.
    • First encounter in South Luzon by 51st Engr. Battalion demotion detachment at Ragay, Camarines sur.
18 Dec
  • 200th CAC split to form 515th CAC
19 Dec
  • Col. Fidel V. Segundo 0-1008 (08601 US) took over command of 1st Regiment Division, which was inducted into the USAFFE at University of Santo Thomas.
20 Dec
  • Japanese landed at Davao; resistance offered by 101st Field Artillery's Battalion with 5-2.95" Mt guns.
    • 1st Provincial Brigade, redesignated 51st Provincial Brigade activated at Far Eastern University compound and placed under Brig. Gen. Simeon de Jesus 0-1031, comprised of 1st PC Regiment under Col. Mariano Castaneda 0-1032, the 2nd PC Regiment under LCL Manuel V. Atanacio 0-1071, the 2nd Field Artillery Regiment under LCL Bienvenido M. Alba 0-1079, and other units.
21 Dec
  • 52nd Infantry Company B under 3LT Dominador Ramiro - repulsed Japanese assult at Timbujo, in Bicol.
22 Dec
  • 2:00 AM Japanese convoy appeared at Lingayen Gulf.
    • 71st Division released to NLF control.
22-24 Dec
  • Bulk of Lt. Gen. Homma's 14th Army landed at Bauang, Caba, Agoo and Damortis. Resistance made by 21st Division under Brig. Gen. Mateo M. Capanpin 0-1007 (06377 US), 11th Division under Brig. Gen. William E. Brougher (03183), and 71st Infantry Regiment under LCL Donald N. Van Bonnet (08475); 71st Division under Brig. Gen. Clyde A. Selleck (02841) ordered to attack japanese units at Bauang and Naguilian but were forced to withdraw; 71st Infantry 1st Battalion under Maj. Guillermo Nakar 0-1397, was cut off in Baguio-Aritao area.
    • 192nd Tank Battalion under LCL George W. Smythe (015816) ordered to support NLF.
    • Jap units of 16th Div under Gen Morioka landed at Mauban, Atimonan, and Siain. Resistance offered by 1st Bn Regt under thenCpt Alfredo M Santos 0-1360 comprising of his 1st Bn under 1LT Godofredo Mendoza 0-1608, 2nd Bn under 1LT Honorato Ramos whow as KIA, and 3rd Bn under 1LT Felicisimo Aguinaldo 0-52-185.
    • FEAF's Bombardment bombed convoy off Bauang
    • 91st Div attached to NLF
    • Japs 47th Inf attacks 71st Div line at Sison
    • 1st Inf (PA) ordered to assemble at Pagsanjan for movement to North Luzon
    • USAFFE annonces War Plan Orange (withdrawal to Bataan) in effect
23-30 Dec
  • Five consecutive delay lines formed by the 11th, 21st, 71st & 91st Divisions, the 26th Cav, with support of the 192nd. Tank Bn, to resist the advance of the japanese 14th Army units, in Central Luzon.
23 Dec
  • Bataan Defense Force formed and placed under the command of Maj Gen George M Parker (02183), who turned over command of South Luzon Force to Brig Gen Albert M Jones (03186).
    • 41st Div under Brig Gen Vicente Lim 0-1003 ordered to Bataan Defense Force, assigned to Abucay area and its positions, in Cavite-Batangas taken over by the 51st Provincial Brigade.
    • 31st Div under Brig Gen Clifford Bluemel (02642) also ordered to Bataan Defense Froce and assigned to Bagac area.


  • Reprinted By: Ging Mutia

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