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Our Soldiers

Filipino-American Military

Department of Defense

We, the Filipinos have long held an important role in the history of the United States. Not only that we have contributed to the U.S. economy, culture, and society, but we have also put our lives on the line for America either directly or indirectly. In behalf of the Filipino-American parents of the men and women in uniform, it is fair and just to recognize not only the contributions of our children, but the sacrifices of the families as well.

In 2003 my daughter, Michelle enlisted in the United States Air Force. Unsuspecting the brevity of her youthful volunteerism to serve in the military, I felt the pride that as a Filipino immigrant, I am able to extend my gratitude for the opportunity to live in freedom. Whether natural-born or as immigrants, like Michelle, many Filipino-American children fight to preserve the right and liberties that led many immigrants to adopt the United States of America as their country.

Many of these children serve in different segments of the United States Armed Forces, but their commonality is bonded through the skills they gained during training and active duty. Opportunities for their good future lies ahead when they acquire the unlimited career experience and reap the unique benefits that the United States Armed Forces give in return for their loyalty and service. Although tedious and frustrating, they "weathered" the agony of their first military encounter in Basic Training. Regardless of their military affiliations, they may or may not engage in direct combat operations where they may face a most unanticipated event of deployment to a war zone.

Nevertheless, they have enlisted in the United States Armed Forces and proudly pledged their Allegiance to the Flag that they will strongly defend their country - the country that preserves our right to be free and the right of the people of the world to live in freedom. Inpired by the United States Air Force enlistment of "Ziggy" Lumantas, the beloved son of newly-arrived family immigrants (RicRic and Flor Lumantas) from Oroquieta City, I am compelled to write this page to honor our children in the military. Therefore, to salute them of their heroism, I dedicate this section to document the remarkable history of the Filipino families - particularly Oroquietanian and Misamisnon roots.

Fil-Am Children in the United States Armed Forces

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Air Force Army Coast Guard Marines Navy

Ging Mutia


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