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USAFFE - World War II

United States Armed Forces of the Far East
Major Battle Lines in the Defense of
Bataan & Corregidor


The looming image of the forgotten heroes of World War II's USAFFE Guerilla fighting force is a hapless and tragic reality in our present generation. The many lives lost were a given token of their bravery, courage and sacrifice so that we, the people of today will continue to build free nations on this planet. The USAFFE Guerilla fighters stood and shone their armored spirits where they struggled to break off a colonial "cross pair" of evil imperialism. Although many were only armed with raw mechanisms in war fighting, their vast courage pooled from their hearts and spirits made it possible to win the war.

DefendersBataanCorrig1 - WW II

From the beginning of their service under the Philippine Flag, the fighter like my father, Delfin Paderanga Mutia fought without presentiment for venerating reward, but instead, proudly, obediently and unquestionably responded to the call of duty to a country. He, amongst the rest of the USAFFE Guerilla fighters led the resistance against the invading Japanese forces who swarmed the Philippine islands. Although, suffering from poor health and inadequate food, the USAFFE guerilla fighters were equipped with their immeasurable courage where they volunteered their lives for the sake of Freedom.

Major Battle Lines in the Defense of Bataan and Corregidor
1941-42 Dark Days of the World War II in the Philippines

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Asiatic Fleet - WW II DefendersBataanCorrig2 - WW II
1st Regular Division 2nd Regular Division 11th Division 21st Division 31st Division 41st Division 51st Division 71st Division 91st Division OffshorePatrol Philippine Army Philippine Department Philippine Division Philippine Army - Air Corps

Visayan-Mindanao Force
MG W F Sharp (02183) and C/S Col J Thompson (04475)

61st Division 81st Division 101st Division

As we look upon this earth today, we can only imagine the many forfeited lives of those unfortunate fighters who did not live to tell their story. Amid the notions of honoring them, we can not only be so thankful to them, but honor them as we have embraced the liberty that they have drawn upon this planet. By this token, we salute their valor on this page in memory of their gallantry, obedience and selfless love of country.

Freedom Fighters-Defenders

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Delfin P. Mutia, Captain
Generoso Cuajotor
Amando L. Batoy
Vicente B. Mutia
Arturo B. Abuton



Ging Mutia

Note: Please feel free to submit the names of your family members to whom we should salute and pay our tribute.


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