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City Museum

One of the many ways to preserve history is through its meaningful tribute to the people who pioneered it and the things they were associated with. Celebrating heroism in the form of holidays in a person's honor is a homage of nostalgia. Likewise, the conservation of historical things whether of value or not, is a meaningful tribute to what we have learned from our past and what it delivers for the future. The acquisition, conservation, study and exhibition of historical objects is an important and a meaningful tribute to our past.

Museum - Historical Artifacts of Livelihood

A museum is a place where exhibits of historical objects are displayed as a reminder of our past and to celebrate our rich and diverse local heritage. Such exhibits illustrate powerful significant interpretation of how our ancestors lived their lives, and the reflections of how they materialized these objects in their exercise and control of power. The museum also serves as a learning institution for those who explore the future by investigating and studying the details of our history and the lives of our pioneers.

The Oroquieta City Museum is nothing different from other museums worldwide, except this museum is purely a reflection of the Filipino ancestry and history. Housed in the City Hall building, the Oroquieta City Museum was founded by dedicated City Government officials who one day decided to gather collective ideas and thoughts on how to preserve our local history. The main objective of this museum is to promote the understanding of the history of the life, culture and values of the Filipino pioneers in Oroquieta City and the people of this nation.

Museum - World War II Emergency Notes

As human beings, we are driven by talents to materialize objects as a reflection of ones characteristics. The creation of things, such as artifacts, crafts, tools, clothing, jewelry and many others gave us the advantage to use them as instruments in the functionality of life. With that, valuable meanings of the created objects emerge as the reflection of our history.

Today, the Oroquieta City Museum displays many exhibits of historical objects, such as garments, crafts, tools and many other things which depict our community's rural home life and childhood of the 19th century. In addition, the museum provides the local citizens of our community with accessible artifactual vault where historical objects are preserved as exhibits for the learning needs of all people. The authenticity of the objects being displayed provide graphical interpretation of our pioneers' lifestyles while showcasing the historical pride to provide entertaining educational experience to all visitors.

The Oroquieta City Museum is open to the public during weekdays and Saturdays. The Museum Curators, Mr. Silverio "Dodong" Capapas, and Mr. Ulysses Diadula are accepting additional artifacts to be donated as part of the museum exhibits. Any other forms of donations are also welcome to help promote this entertaining educational experience of our Filipino history.

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