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Farmers Market (Tabo-an)

Like many places in the world, Oroquieta City sells its goods and commodities in an indoor and outdoor store settings. A similar version of America's Flea Market is what you call Tabo-an in Oroquieta City. The Tabo-an is held every Sunday at the alleys of Barrientos and Paulino A. Conol, Sr. Streets.

Fresh fruits & vegetables - Tabo-an in Oroquieta City

The Oroquieta City's Tabo-an is the biggest Flea Market in the whole province of Misamis Occidental and maybe only second to the one in Cagayan de Oro City (Mindanao's Region 10). The Tabo-an market is held outdoors where majority of the goods for sale are fresh farm produce such as root crops, fruits, vegetables, spices and many others. Also available for sale are marine resources such as fish (including fresh, and processed), shells, and shellfish.

Tabo-an Alleys & Food-laden Displays

Other freshly cooked foods, such as chicken barbecue, boiled peanuts, freshly baked goods, and many others are also available for those hungry shoppers. Its alleys and food-laden corridors consist of local vendors and vendors from neighboring towns and provinces, including Zamboanga del Norte and del Sur and the Siquijor island. Some vendors sell collectibles, arts, crafts and small furnitures that are mostly tropical in nature.

The Tabo-an is held on Sundays and it draws horde of visitors and shoppers from dawn to dusk. However, an increasing number of shoppers have been observed on late Saturday afternoons with the increasing number of goods and products already being displayed for sale. For this reason, Dr. Conol is planning to propose to the City Government to extend the Tabo-an service at night and call it "Tabo-an sa Gabii" (Night Flea Market). However, there are several factors that need to be considered before implementing such plan, especially the need for adequate lighting to better serve the customers.

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