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Mobod Fish Sanctuary

The most significant ecological system in the Philippines is the sea that surrounds every island. Among them is the Philippine sea which connects the Pacific Ocean, South China Sea, Sulu Sea and Celebes Sea. This continuous body of salt water provides habitat sanctuaries for sea creatures and their environment. Most of the sea creatures, especially the many species of fish provide life for humans as a foodstuff source. While the coral reefs provide a safe environment to the sea creatures.

Mobod Fish Sanctuary

Many species of fish are in abundance in certain areas of the Philippines, but there are several of them that have been at risk of extinction. Although identified as being "in reasonably good health," the condition of the Philippine coral reefs can dramatically change. The 1998 global climatic change threatened the stability of the sealife and its environment. The impact of coral bleaching on coral reefs poses significant adverse effects on the beauty and stability of life under the Philippine waters.

Fish Sanctuary - Barangay Mobod

Until in recent years, many Filipino fishermen used dynamite fishing which directly impacted the overall condition of life under water. Today, dealing with the threat of over-fishing is one of the primary concerns of the Philippine Government. For this reason, Oroquieta City has launched its own protective measures for sealife and its environment. The Mobod Fish Sanctuary located in Barangay Mobod is created to provide a safe habitat sanctuary for the many species of fish in the area. Its proactive ability to launch such program is important not only in the conservation of potentially endangered species of fish, but also in restoring the integrity of any damaged coral reefs that are safe havens for such species.

Fish Sanctuary

According to Dr. Conol, the underwater condition in the Mobod area has retained its coral reef condition. This finding was reported by a European environmentalist who recently visited Oroquieta City and inspected the underwater environment in the Mobod area. Maintaining the integrity of the coral reefs in this area does not only save the lives of sea creatures, but also views potential progress for scuba diving business. Scuba diving is a fast-growing hobby internationally and Oroquieta City can benefit from such potential business ventures. As a Certified Advanced Scuba Diver, I sincerely share the appreciation of the beauty of the Oroquieta underwaters.

Fish Sanctuary

As an avid naturalist, I strongly support the government's Fish Sanctuary program. Unlike most of the United States underwater environment where the ecological system is threatened by pollution, the Philippine sealife can be protected by being proactive. Scuba diving in the ocean floors of Florida and the Carolinas helped me understand the beauty of life under water. The different species of fish and corals in the ocean floors of these places are striking reminders of the ones I used to see while growing up in the Philippines.

The Mobod Fish Sanctuary also serves as an official venue for business meetings and gatherings. The soothing breeze and calm waters provide more comfort and peace for those who want to escape..... even from moderate daily city noise.

Fish Sanctuary   Fish Sanctuary   Fish Sanctuary

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