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Travel Tips

Clothing Attire

The Seawall at the Plaza

Like most regions in the Philippines, Oroquieta City shares its humid, but tropical temperatures. Depending on where you are in the city, the humidity is easily washed away as trade winds come to provide soothing effects. For comfort and enjoyable journey, wearing light and loose cotton clothing, such as shirts and shorts are strongly recommended. Sweaters may be needed during rainy seasons and visits to the mountainous areas.

Captivating Sunrise - Oroquieta City's Iligan Bayfront

Although Oroquieta City is in tuned with the advancing clothing designs, the tone for conservative lifestyle remains the same. For example, most Oroquietanian women resist to the advancing fad for designer swimsuits. This includes the wear of bikinis or other revealing swim suits. You can still find majority of them wear shirts with shorts, skirts, or pants for swimming or bathing in public places. Malongs are another form of swim suits used by Oroquietanian women where it is worn in a towel wrapped-around style. So, if you dared to wear an outfit other than what is conservatively used in and around Oroquieta City, people become curious and start to gather around you. Although an isolated practice, simple swim suits are used only in resort beaches where privacy is provided.

Lower Loboc Beach - El Triumfu Cottages in Background

For this reason, casual clothing that prevents malicious bodily display is required in most restaurants, religious places or gatherings and even in many public places. Most lodging facilities may not have washers and dryers in laundering clothes, however clothes are hand washed by maids where results are much cleaner and brighter clothes.

Oroquietanians are very welcoming, especially to foreign visitors. There have been instances where tourists were requested to witness a wedding ceremony, and such an occasion requires a proper attire. The most comfortable and available attire for male tourists is the Barong Tagalog, which can be purchased at most department stores in Oroquieta City or Ozamiz City. Barong Tagalog is the Philippine version of the American Tuxedo. For women, any decent and casual attire is appropriate for any occasion.


The Philippine peso is the currency used in Oroquieta City. Credit cards are welcome in most banks around the city. There are several "money exchange places" to convert your foreign currency into Philippine Pesos. The rates differ from each place, however, this years average money exchange rate is P50.00 pesos for every U.S. dollar. For safe travel security, travelerís checks are suggested; however, few currency exchanges may need to be made once you arrive in Manila or Cebu for your immediate daily needs. Ozamiz City also has several banks and shopping malls that give better exchange rates.

Hours of Services

With the exceptions of the holidays, major establishments including the banks are open for business Monday to Friday, from 7am to 6pm. However, many stores serve the public more than 8 hours daily and up to seven (7) days a week. Because majority of business owners are Christians, many of them allocate Sundays to attend church services in the morning and family gatherings during afternoons.

Electrical Unit System

The Philippine electric unit system is similar to the ones used in most European countries. The electric unit system is 220 Volt AC that carries 50 cycles. Most lodging facilities have sockets or plugs available for use. Visitors carrying appliances that require electric unit converters must bring their own "plug-adapter kit." Some hairdryers in the United States have dual switches where voltage can be converted into a 220 Volt.

Time Zone

When you are in the Philippines, you lose your concept of time, especially when you've reached Oroquieta City. This is because the lifestyle is so much different from the western civilization where demanding schedules take much of your precious energy. Your best bet is to change your watch to the Philippine time once you arrive at the airport in Manila or Cebu City. The best way to compare the time is ..... if itís Monday 10am in Atlanta, Georgia USA, it must be Monday 10pm in Oroquieta City, Philippines.

Length of Visit

Because most everyone who visits the Philippines from foreign countries experiences jet lag, it is strongly recommended to plan at least a 14-day stay to allow your body to recuperate from the effects of Continental change. Once you are accustomed to the time and weather, you will start your endless pursuit for general sightseeing and exploration to Oroquieta Cityís neighboring places and islands.

Ging Mutia


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