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Volunteer Program - Medical Mission

Misamis Occidental Provincial Hospital
Oroquieta City - Feb 16-18, 2004
Headed by Dr. Ely Banguis

Key Objectives

  • Minor to Major surgical operations such as, Hernia, Gall Bladder (Pantog), Thyroid (Goiter, etc., (ug uban pa)
  • General Medical problems such as, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Malnutrition, etc., (ug uban pa)
  • General Pediatric Care (Pag-alima sa mga Bata)

Planning Phase (Click to View)

The purpose of the planning phase is simply to develop and refine a framework that includes an action plan that results in project implementation. It's like going on a trip, there must be a road map and trip plan so you will arrive to your destination safely in a timely and efficient way.

Refining Phase - Itinerary (Click to View)

This phase involved a collaborative effort to gather manpower and financial resources. It summarized the profile of activities involved. Likewise, this phase is a tool that can be used in evaluating the overall performance of the Mission. From this phase, an analysis of the success of this project will determine the fate of future projects as well.

Implementation Phase(Click to View)

This is the final phase of the Mission. It includes a detailed list of the actual services performed, the performers, and the ages and diagnoses of the population served.

Appreciation & Recognition(Click to View)

No words nor money can match the true spirit of dedicated services given to fellow human beings. Only Thy Power Above can make it possible for us to continue to do good deeds to anyone or everyone who needs the most. From the deep end of our Roots to the top of our branches, our tree of life can grow for the new generation to cherish and cultivate. This Mission is indeed, truly a magnificent humanitarian ritual for all to do towards our fellowmen. In behalf of www.oroquietacity.com I want to Thank Dr. Ely Banguis and his entourage - May God Continues to Bless You and our beloved Oroquieta City.

Ging Mutia


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