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Volunteer Program - Medical Mission

Caring is Giving

Volunteerism doesn't really mean anything other than "giving." The human capacity of receiving is surpassed by greed which leads to self-destruct ones values and dignity. While we watch our society decrease to self-destruction through this medium, we become appalled by the effect on our children.

Medical Mission - Clinicians & Staffers

When a child is born, the giving is realized through the spirit of our Loving God. We then realize that the most rewarding experience in life really is giving. Remember the days as we watch a child take the first steps? - it was a terrifying experience for both the child and parents. The same goes with "giving" because we are so afraid to let go of the possessive mentality where our human nature always expects something in return. Giving is an instrument of committment which requires time and energy. However, if we look into the narrowed eye of an innocent human being, your "giving" offers a supreme optimism and trust about the outlook in their future.

2004 Medical Mission - Surgery

Does it really matter what step should you take as far as volunteerism? Not at all - because as you all know I am taking part in the world by giving a bit of myself back to humanity and the community at large. Regardless of whether it is a little commitment or huge undertaking, there are limitless opportunities for everyone to get involved. For example, preparing for a holiday event would require planning, such as the cost, number of people, date and time and place of venue. Contrasting to volunteerism, identifying your efficient, effective and rewarding ways to pass your life time is a good way of planning. Now, try to think of all the ways you could use whatever talents, skills and abilities where you can share that God-given gifts back to humanity and the community at large. Even the uneducated, deaf and dumbed have God-given talents and abilities that they can contribute to mankind. We don't see it because we close our eyes to these types of population, however, it is there - all we have to do is widely open up our eyes.

2004 Medical Mission - Surgery

Volunteering doesn't have to mean facing the reality of other people living in depressing situations. I've had some amazing experiences on soup kitchens, walkathons for diabetes cure, and mentoring students. I have scrubbed dirty floors side-by-side with a lawyer, a doctor, a housekeeper, firefighters and unemployed engineer, but our commonality was "giving." The journey of caring is the right road to the most rewarding experiences in life - and that is "GIVING."

Charitable Organization & Medical Mission

Just by stopping on this page, you have taken the first step towards getting involved. The exponential growth of giving both time and money are used by many philanthropists. Likewise, this website is giving us the best medium in our collective effort to promote the care of "Giving." From our local term as Filipinos, we start with our very own communities where we came from. For example, the Oroquieta Charity Foundation, Inc (OCFI) and the People Helping People are the two direct examples of volunteerism toward helping our poor people at home.

In Oroquieta City, the organization called "People Helping People" (PHP) is headed by Dr. Faith Guernila Go. This group facilitates and coordinates any Medical Mission intended for Oroquieta City and Misamis Occidental. The Medical Mission promotes not only for the local community, but also other parts of Misamis Occidental and Mindanao regions. According to Dr. Emerico L. Conol, when the Medical Mission's Ophthalmologists group from Cagayan de Oro City held their Medical Mission in Oroquieta City, PHP facilitated their activities and the much needed medicines and surgical supplies. The local PHP version is represented by Drs. Faith Go, Dignum, Blanche Flores, Boy or Guillit Flores where they conduct Medical Missions twice a week in the barangays of Oroquieta.

Medical Mission

The Medical Mission is an international multi-effort by different groups of individuals created as an "Operation Blessing" with the main purpose to heal the world. Many people in all parts of the world (particularly in the Third World Countries, in which the Philippines is a part of) die everyday because basic medical care is not available. To the very poor and the very sick the immediate need for doctors and medicines are out of their imagination. Growing up with the stories told about how my wonderful mother died of "Placenta Previa" (child birth) was always "mind boggling." I keep wondering how her death could have been prevented had such situation occured in this day and age - and she would have taken the part of life that I have enjoyed

Many preventable diseases, such as the minor cold developing into a killing pneumonia, complicated childbirth due to poor or absence of prenatal care and growth retardation in children due to malnutrition are among the cases that the Mission troubleshoots. From simple to complicated surgical and clinical procedures, to delivering "hard-to-get" equipment, to supplying vitamins and medicines is how the Mission gives healing to a hurting world. The expertise of the doctors, nurses, therapists, nutritionists and other professionals and the monetary donations that people give towards this project are what make the Mission successful. The free medical, dental and psychiatric care to thousands of poor people around the world is becoming a reality because of the volunteer efforts given by people like you.

Medical Mission Schedule

February 2004

November 2003

Your Help Makes a Difference

I urge each and everyone to offer any kind of help you can afford to give. A donation of medical supplies, medicines and other things can make a lifetime difference. Please feel free to contact any of the people involved in such volunteer groups and offer your assistance and donations. The saying of "when you give one you receive hundred folds from God" is true.

Ging Mutia


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